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Ingonogo Co-ordinators means "Health Co-ordinators".

Ingonogo Co-ordinators is involved from A to Z Onsite Training with a difference & development of Setting Sites up from ground level and or assisting with existing Sites.


Ingonogo Co-ordinators was founded by Managing Director, Karen Micklethwaite who also has a nursing background. In 1995, Ingonogo made its name known in the research (clinical) world, and have since participated in clinical research studies from Phase 1 (which is the first dose in man) / 2 / 3 / 4, registry, surveys, grants studies and in-house studies at academic hospitals. Is a member of SACRA.


Karen has worked as a Study Co-ordinator, as well as Clinical Research Associate (CRA) and Project manager on studies or projects in a wide spectrum of various disease areas. Karen's expertise includes the following:

㬩nical research Site Consultant

㩴e Facilitator with training and development

㯮tract CRA /monitor

郈 GCP Trainer / instructor

⥣ruiting & Replacement Agent.

䲡ining and mentoring of junior CRA'S


A clinical trial or study may be applied to any form of planned experimental drug or device which can be used as medical treatment which involves patients. The clinical trial results are based on the limited sample of patients participating in the trial. Clinical trials are necessary before any new drug or medical treatment is available to the general public. A clinical study examines the efficacy and safety, and if the treatment works as well or better as other methods.


The outcome of clinical research is that it can benefit and affect thousands of people to receive future improved treatment. This can only be successful when all the data has been collected, verified and accurately analysed before the drug can go onto the market.


Ingonogo Co-ordinators also offers Courses, viz. Good Clinical Practice, Good Clinical Practice Refresher, Data capturing and Introduction to clinical research associates training. Courses specific to the site and individual needs can be arranged and offered.

What is Unique about our training?


㡮 be done on site

衮ds on approach

ᳳistance is offered in problems areas

ﮥ-on-One Training or small groups

ᦴer Training Support

䲡ining designed for specific studies for the site.

Training Dates

Training dates on request

Note: training can be given on REQUEST on ANY days at the site. Cape Town, Durban, PE, on REQUEST

Two day training: 08:00 - 17:30
One day training: 08:30 - 16:30

Venue Gauteng: 11 Nonna Street, Birchleigh North,
Kempton Park

Bookings Contact:
Karen (Gauteng) -
Cell: 0823298707

Address: 11 Nonna Street, Birchleigh North, Kempton Park
Telephone: + 27 82 3298 707 Fax: 086 652 7852
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